Saturday, February 28, 2015
Sunny Hill Farm - Tallahassee, Florida

58 Hounds Entered on this day...

Dean Wright, Jim Anthony & Elaine McMichael

Photos by Thomas Christ

Apalachee Coursing Club
American Sighthound Field Association
All Breed Field Trials

(These results are UNOFFICIAL until posted at

AFGHAN - 10 entries
Open Stake:
1st  - Brienne
2nd- Gaston
3rd- Chilli
4th- Roth

Fch Stake:
1st/BOB - Rory
2nd  - Soleic
3rd  - Hammer
4th  - Koomba

BASENJI - 7 entries
Open Stake:
1st/BOB- Chilly
2nd - Hennla

Fch Stake:
1st  - Searsha
2nd - Sam
3rd  - Ozzie
4th  - Gunner

Veteran Stake:
1st  - JuJu

BORZOI - 1 entry
Open Stake:
1st/BOB       - Lucky

GREYHOUNDS - 3 entries

Fch Stake:

1st/BOB      - Dublin
2nd- Cassie
3rd- Jane


IBIZAN HOUND - 6 entries

Fch Stake: 
1st/BOB              - Rocco
2nd      - Dakota
3rd- Rhiannon
4th - Gus
NBQ     - Junior

SALUKI - 3entries

Open Stake:
1st/BOB -Mecca
2nd  - Lydeco
3rd   - Ponzi


Open Stake:
1st  - Tripod
2nd- MsPyswke

Fch Stake:

WHIPPET - 17 entries

Open Stake: 
1st         -  Carley Rae
2nd- Tanner
3rd - Flash
4th  -Rocket Man
NBQ      - Josie

Fch Stake:
1st/BOB      - Tattie
2nd- Scooter
3rd - Mia
4th - K2
NBQ     - Gala

Turtle Award - Josie

SINGLES -8 entries

1st   - Lenyatta
2nd  - Cherie
3rd  - Lava
4th  - Leke

            There was no best in field competition. :(                                            


Sunday, March 1, 2015
Sunny Hill Farm - Tallahassee, Florida
59 Hounds Entered on this Day...

(These results are UNOFFICAL until posted at !)

Judges: Dean Wright, Jim Anthony, & Elaine McMichael
Photos by Thomas Christ

AFGHAN - 10 entries

Open Stake:
1st/BOB     - Brienne
2d-  Gaston
3rd- Chili
4th- Ivana
NBQ    - Jake

Fch Stake:
1st - Rory
2nd - Soleic
3rd - Hammer
4th - Kooba    

BASENJI - 12 entries

Open Stake:
1st         - Henna
2nd- Chilly
3rd - Lance
4th - Fancy

Fch Stake:
1st/BOB- Carly    
2nd- Searsha
3rd- Sam
4th - Ozzie
NBQ     - Gunner

Veteran Stake:
1st  - Vader
2nd - Jr

GREYHOUND - 3 entries

Fch Stake:
1st/BOB- Dublin
2nd-  Jane
3rd - Cassie

IBIZAN - 6 entries

Fch Stake:
1st/BOB- Rocco
2nd- Gus
3rd- Dakota
4th- Junior
NBQ    - Ethan

SALUKI - 2 entries

Open Stake:
1st/BOB       - Lydeco
2nd- Mecca


Open Stake:
1st/BOB- Tripod
2nd - Ms Pyswystle

Fch Stake:
1st- Murph

WHIPPET - 15 entries

Open Stake: 
1st       - Josie
2nd- Carley Mae
3rd- Flash
4th- Rocket Man

Fch Stake:
1st/BOB- Tattie
2nd       - Scooter
3rd - K2
4th - Anna
NBQ     - Gala

Turtle Award - Pony

Singles - 8 entries

1st- Cherie
2nd- Lennatta
3rd- Ponzi
4th- Hazel
NBQ   - Lava




Best in Event
& Winning the Robert Nix Trophy honoring Les Pekarski
is the Afghan Brienne
owned by Eddie Kominek

Special thanks to all handlers, the Field Committee & our Judges for doing such a great job as you always do!  Special thanks to Thomas Christ for great pictures!!! 

(These results are UNOFFICIAL until posted on !)

Apalachee Coursing Club
John Bruntlett, President